Weight Loss Success Story: Heather

Heather lost 50 pounds or a 19% weight improvement. Listen to her success story and the great advice she has for others just starting their weight loss journey.

What do you like about the Weigh and Win program?

What I like about the Weigh and Win program is the way the program is designed. I’ve tried many different programs in the past and have been unsuccessful.  I like the quarterly weigh-ins. It really helped keep me accountable for my weight loss. I get to see my progress through data and pictures and it really keeps me motivated. I also enjoy the daily email reminders that I receive from Weigh and Win every morning.

How has your life changed?

Working in retail keeps me on my feet for several hours a day and I use to get really bad knee and lower back pains but since I’ve lost the additional weight these are no longer issues for me. I also have much higher self-esteem and feel proud of myself. If I can accomplish this, I can accomplish anything I set my mind to and I can reach my goals.

What was your biggest motivation?

My biggest motivation would be my children and my husband. We are a very active family. I enjoy going for bike rides, going for walks, going to the park – anything that keeps us active, we enjoy. But being overweight made it very difficult. I would tire out very easily and would have to stop whatever activity we were doing and I would kind of let down my children. I also enjoy my family telling me how good I look and that they’re proud of me. They really keep me motivated, because I really do want to be here for my children as long as I possibly can and be around for my grandchildren.

What advice for others would you have?

Start out with baby steps such as cutting out your daily soda or sugar intake. To get into the routine of exercise maybe setting 10 extra minutes a day to exercise and gradually moving yourself up. I would also say that a good balanced diet and exercise are important for successful weight loss. Lastly, this is a total lifestyle change that takes time and effort. Slow and steady wins the race. You will have plateaus but don’t give up. With time, patience, and effort your goals will be attainable.

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