Three Quick Morning Workouts

Most people wake up in the morning dreading the heavy workload they may have. Whether it’s getting the kids out the door for school, a big deadline that’s due, or the everyday tasks that cause us stress, we tend to wake up stressed. That can all change when you wake up and start your day with a quick workout. These mini workouts will get your blood flowing to help wake you up, feel more energized throughout the day and make you feel like you’ve already accomplished something before the day even begins.


15, 15, 15

Perform three sets of 15 of each of the following three exercises: air squats, push-ups and sit ups. Each of these exercises works a large muscle group and gives you a full body workout. Make sure to focus on your form and perform each exercise and repetition correctly. It’s better to perform the exercises the right way instead of fast and risk causing an injury.

Jog or Walk Around the Block

Nothing wakes your senses up better than getting outside. Pick a path that’s conveniently located around your home and just walk or run for 10 minutes. You will get vitamin D from being outside and also get to unplug and enjoy the outdoors before being locked down to technology all day. Unplugging for an hour a day helps you to focus more and helps you to appreciate the finer things in life such as the beauty of nature. Aim for a mile and you’ll have a good start towards reaching your 10,000 steps a day goal.

Bike to Work

Change up your routine every once in a while and try biking to work. Getting out of traffic can relieve stress and biking is a great cardiovascular workout. Plan accordingly when biking into work. Make sure you wear the right clothing and map out your route. Plan to leave your work clothes and lunch at the office the day before so you have fewer things to carry on your ride. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water too!

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