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Cheers to a Healthier You! Video Contest


Share. Record. Win! Record a quick video answering the two questions below about why you decided to make healthy changes to your lifestyle. The most inspiring answer will win a $100 gift card to a healthy brand of your choice!

Cheers to a Healthier You Contest Questions:
  1. Who or what is your ‘why’ for improving your health?
  2. How do you feel now that you’re living a healthier lifestyle?
    (One or two motivating words!)

1. Record yourself using your smartphone or computer answering the above questions. Keep your video clip under 20 seconds.

2. Visit www.WeighandWin.com/VideoContest (also found under the Challenge Tab) and upload your video using the contest form online by Friday, December 18, 2015.

3. The most inspiring answer (as selected by your team at Weigh and Win) will win a $100 gift card to a healthy brand of your choice. The official rules can be found online.

Define Your Why for Increased Motivation and Long-Term Success


Many have goals to lose weight and improve their health to start the New Year, but after a few months of obstacles they have already “fallen off the bandwagon.” On the other hand, others are able to almost effortlessly change their unhealthy lifestyle habits for continued weight improvement success. When push comes to shove and obstacles are present, are you staying on track?

If you are having trouble staying motivated towards your health improvements, then you might need to redefine why you want to make these changes.  You are battling against the ugly forces of habit, so your why for change needs be resilient. It needs to fight the little voice in your head telling you to quit and give up or give in to unhealthy temptations. It might help to think back to a behavior change you have made in the past to help you succeed now. What was the driving force towards that behavior change and how can it help you today? Finding your why is a matter of looking inward rather than outward. Dig deep and ask yourself, why do you want to be healthier? It’s probably going to be more than to look good in a bathing suit or because somebody else told you to lose weight.

Write Down Your Why

notepadTake a few minutes today and really explore why you want to be a healthier version of yourself.  Once you have identified your why, write it down into an actual sentence on a notecard. On days when you just don’t feel like being active or choosing nutritious foods, that notecard can give you the motivation and drive you need for long-term success. Only by being completely dedicated to your why will you have the motivation you will need to achieve your goals. If you have a strong enough reason for wanting to change your body, then you can!  Just make sure to keep reminding yourself of your reason, especially when times get tough or when you start finding excuses to justify unhealthy actions.

My why that drives me to stay healthy is so I can be physically fit enough to do the things I love as I get older, like hiking in Colorado. Weigh and Win encourages you to share your why on our Facebook page! By sharing your motivation, you can help others stay motivated. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a Health Coach at personal.trainer@weighandwin.com.

Written by: Mallory McCormick, Weigh and Win Health Coach

Weigh and Win Success Story: Erik


Meet Erik, one of our amazing success stories featured in our latest TV commercial. Erik lost 120 pounds with the Weigh and Win Program.

Learn more about how cash motivated Erik to improve his health and what he liked most about the Weigh and Win program.


What motivated you to join Weigh and Win?

I was jealous of the success my roommate was having. He was being paid to lose weight, not too sure how that isn’t incentive enough!

What were your goals when you started the program?

My goal when I started the program was to maintain my weigh. I wanted to shed pounds in the long term, but I wanted to at least maintain my weight, so I could achieve one goal before going headlong into the others.

Why has Weigh and Win worked for you?

Weigh and Win worked for me because the program automatically sends follow-up emails with meal tips, exercise ideas, and many other great ideas. In a way, it was like I had a personal trainer/dietitian with me at all times.  I loved the fact you had real time progress updates and the system took before and after photos for you as well. That was probably the best part.

Do you have any tips or advice for new participants to Weigh and Win?

I have one short tip for all new Weigh and Win participants. DO NOT GIVE UP. It’s tough, it’s difficult, but the quickest way to failure is giving up. Keep your head up if your diet or exercise routine doesn’t go as planned for period of time. Stop, don’t beat yourself up, and jump back into that routine and I promise you’ll be raking in the dough with Weigh and Win.

Check out more success stories on our website!

Weigh and Win Success Story: Nyree


Weigh and Win has helped more than 55,000 people across the state of Colorado improve their health! Meet three successful Weigh and Win participants – who you might have seen in our TV Commercial.

Nyree – Lost 100 pounds!
Desiree – Lost 30 pounds!
Erik – Lost 120 pounds!



Learn how Weigh and Win helped Nyree achieve a healthier weight and how you can too!

What motivated you to join Weigh and Win?

A few years ago, I saw a television commercial about the program. I had weight to lose and thought a program could give me the jump start I needed. I figured since it was free; I should go ahead and sign up!


What do you like about the Weigh and Win Program?

I really enjoy the quarterly weigh-ins and the photo taken at the time of weighing in. Having a visual is really helpful and motivational and acts as a picture diary to record one’s progress. Because I am actually living my journey, I often don’t recognize the changes that are happening to me as I am working toward my weight loss goal.

I appreciate the body weight loss and body mass index (B.M.I.) percentage tracking. The combination of this data and the picture offer comprehensive information that is very motivating and challenges you to keep going.

Nyree’s 3 Tips for Success:

1. Don’t procrastinate! – Sign-up and get started immediately. After I signed up, I waited several months before I took action. The sooner you take action; the sooner you can reach your goal!

2. Don’t listen to the naysayers (even if it is yourself) –  This time can be different and you can actually lose weight even if you have tried multiple times in the past. Ignore those that may try to discourage you and surround yourself with those that are willing to support you.

3. Don’t quit! – Put in effort and you will reap the rewards of a healthier you. It may take a while but consistency is key and you must believe you can succeed.