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5 Tips for a Happy, Successful Team Challenge

The team challenge is a great way to achieve your health goals. In fact, people who participate in the team challenge are MORE successful. Successful Weigh and Win participants lose an average of 17.7 pounds, team challenge members lose 20.5 pounds and team captains lose 22.3 pounds which is 26% more than an average participant!

To help make the team challenge a positive and successful experience, here are a few tips from previous challenge winners.


1 | Encouragement

“We would often weighed-in together and celebrate any loss, even if it was only 0.2 pounds. It was really encouraging to do it that way.” – Jennifer, Team Captain ‘The Bod Squad’

TAKEAWAY: We all have ups and downs, so remember to encourage your teammates and celebrate even the small successes.

2 | Work Together

“We made meals with each other. We would grocery shop together. We started working out together and if we couldn’t work-out we would meet up and walk at lunch. We also all signed up for a 5k and all did that as a team.”
– Desiree, Teammate ‘The Freedom Fat Fighters’

TAKEAWAY: Remember, the point of the team challenge is to HELP one another be successful in achieving your health goals. Try working out, eating healthy and setting goals together.

3 | Communicate

 “A couple times a week a few of us would touch base and discuss our workouts, new foods we had tried and how we did on the scale. About halfway through the contest our team captain would send an email letting everyone know where we were on the leaderboard to keep up the momentum. Communication and interacting with one another was key for us!”
– Cindy, Teammate ‘Weight Loss Wolverines’

TAKEAWAY: Openly communicate with your team and talk about your successes, barriers, and motivation. Try sending out a bi-weekly email to your teammates with words of encouragement and an update on your team’s progress.

4 | Accountability

“My co-worker and I would bring each other lunches and healthy snacks to work, because that was a big downfall for us. There was always a lot of junk around.”
– Krystle, Team Captain ‘The Freedom Fat Fighters’

TAKEAWAY: Accountability is key to success. Help your teammates by keeping each other accountable on achieving your healthy eating and active living goals.

5 |  Motivation

“Our team was wonderful!  We all motivated each other with words of encouragement and cheered each other on.  It is so helpful to have several people working towards the same goal.”
– Cindy, Teammate ‘Weight Loss Wolverines’

TAKEAWAY: Remember to stay positive and continue to encourage your teammates in a helpful and positive way.