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Success Story: Melody W.

Learn how Weigh and Win helped Melody achieve a healthier weight and how you can too!

Melody W.

  • Lost 55 pounds
  • 19% weight improvement
  • Earned $75

What motivated you to join Weigh and Win?

My health was the biggest motivator. I am a diabetic and I was taking 50 units of insulin twice a day, along with 4 pills. I wanted to get healthy and be a good role model for my kids.

Why has Weigh and Win worked for you?

The daily emails encouraged me and helped me along the way. The rewards are my favorite part. It’s just a good incentive, to find out that someone is going to pay you and keep you accountable. I’m using my reward money to go to Elitch Gardens. I can’t wait to get on the rides and to FIT in the seats.

How has your life changed since your weight loss?

Personally, I feel better about myself. I enjoy clothing shopping now, running after my granddaughter, keeping up with my 8-year old, and riding a bike. I can walk up a flight of stairs and don’t feel like I need to call 911.

My blood sugars are controlled now through healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. I also no longer need to take insulin and am down to 1-2 pills a day for the diabetes. Additionally, I am off the high blood pressure medication.

Do you have any advice for new participants?

My advice comes from a wise friend. She told me the that all choices are hard. When it comes down to it, we have to choses the “hard” that we want to continue to have. For example, it’s hard to lose weight. It’s very hard! But it’s also HARD to live with the weight on my body. It’s hard to choose the salad when others are having the double bacon cheeseburgers, but it’s also hard to buy clothes when you’re overweight. Life is full of choices, HARD choices, and I must choose which HARD I am willing to take.

I want people who are starting to know that they CAN succeed. I want them to know that I do understand where they are. When I started I was in a size 22 to 24. In the fifth grade I was in a size 18W. I have literally struggled with weight my entire life. I am currently in a size 14 to 16. This feeling is better than any cheeseburger!

Success Story: Sue M.

Sue Menges joined the Weigh and Win program in February of 2015 after learning from a doctor’s appointment she was borderline diabetic. After seven months of slow, sustainable lifestyle changes, she is fifty pounds lighter and her A1C levels are in the normal levels.  Read more about her story below.

Sue Before and After-01

What motivated you to join Weigh and Win?
My doctor told me I was borderline diabetic and needed to make a change.  I discovered that Weigh and Win had set up a portable kiosk so I went online to see what it was all about.  I thought that being rewarded for working hard at losing weight was a super incentive!

What were your goals when you started the program?
I wanted to lower my A1C & get healthier so I met with a nutritionist to learn how to eat.  I also wanted to lose weight because I knew that losing weight I would feel better and be healthier.

Why has Weigh and Win worked for you and what do you like about the program?
I like the program because it helps make you accountable, sends you email tips and also rewards you for your hard work.

Do you have any tips or advice for new participants to Weigh and Win?
One of the hard things is to recognize that making a lifestyle change is not easy but that you need to stick with it and it WILL get easier before you know it.  I drink Hint water as well as regular water because it has a hint of flavor and nothing bad in it (works well if you get tired of plain water.)I take a bite of food and put the fork down on the table and slowly chew my bite of food and swallow before I pick up the fork again. I get salad dressing on the side and dip my fork into it and then into the salad.  My very fist exercise was walking a mile a day.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
It is not easy, but so worth it.  It helps to have family and friend’s support and encouragement.  Reward yourself with a NON FOOD reward.  It is amazing, but after one year of eating healthy I don’t crave sugary items or bread anymore.

Has the Weigh and Win program and your weight loss had any effect medically? Have you reduced or prevented your need or any medications? 
When I started my A1C were 6.0 and blood pressure medicine was 20 mg.  Now my A1C are 5.6 and blood pressure medicine is 5mg.  I still need to lose 30 more pounds, which will be easy now!

Reason To Run Contest Winner


Weigh and Win asked for participants to share their reason to run for a chance to win a $75 gift card.  Thank you to everyone who entered – the entries were inspiring!

Congratulations to the Contest Winner:

AJ Benefield

“I started running to get in shape. In the running community I found friends that have turned to family. I believe that the health that I gained through running helped me to overcome a Breast Cancer diagnosis at 33 years old. I now still run to try and keep the cancer away.”


Want to be inspired to move more?
See why these Weigh and Win participants run:

Cheers to a Healthier You! Video Contest


Share. Record. Win! Record a quick video answering the two questions below about why you decided to make healthy changes to your lifestyle. The most inspiring answer will win a $100 gift card to a healthy brand of your choice!

Cheers to a Healthier You Contest Questions:
  1. Who or what is your ‘why’ for improving your health?
  2. How do you feel now that you’re living a healthier lifestyle?
    (One or two motivating words!)

1. Record yourself using your smartphone or computer answering the above questions. Keep your video clip under 20 seconds.

2. Visit www.WeighandWin.com/VideoContest (also found under the Challenge Tab) and upload your video using the contest form online by Friday, December 18, 2015.

3. The most inspiring answer (as selected by your team at Weigh and Win) will win a $100 gift card to a healthy brand of your choice. The official rules can be found online.

Weigh and Win Success Story: Erik


Meet Erik, one of our amazing success stories featured in our latest TV commercial. Erik lost 120 pounds with the Weigh and Win Program.

Learn more about how cash motivated Erik to improve his health and what he liked most about the Weigh and Win program.


What motivated you to join Weigh and Win?

I was jealous of the success my roommate was having. He was being paid to lose weight, not too sure how that isn’t incentive enough!

What were your goals when you started the program?

My goal when I started the program was to maintain my weigh. I wanted to shed pounds in the long term, but I wanted to at least maintain my weight, so I could achieve one goal before going headlong into the others.

Why has Weigh and Win worked for you?

Weigh and Win worked for me because the program automatically sends follow-up emails with meal tips, exercise ideas, and many other great ideas. In a way, it was like I had a personal trainer/dietitian with me at all times.  I loved the fact you had real time progress updates and the system took before and after photos for you as well. That was probably the best part.

Do you have any tips or advice for new participants to Weigh and Win?

I have one short tip for all new Weigh and Win participants. DO NOT GIVE UP. It’s tough, it’s difficult, but the quickest way to failure is giving up. Keep your head up if your diet or exercise routine doesn’t go as planned for period of time. Stop, don’t beat yourself up, and jump back into that routine and I promise you’ll be raking in the dough with Weigh and Win.

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