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Losing Weight, Gaining Confidence

In 2013, Sharla Williams found the perfect prescription to cure her ailments – running.

“It was a time in my life where I was overweight and miserable,” said Weigh and Win participant Sharla. “I just didn’t feel good about myself and I was depressed.”

That same year she signed up to run in the Corporate Cup Relay for her job. She decided to take it seriously and started to train.

“I began running on a treadmill, starting off at a very slow speed. Every couple of weeks, I would increase my speed. I’m not going to lie, it was hard, but I kept going.”

Sharla’s hard work paid off, she completed her leg of the marathon (6 miles) in less than one hour and gained the confidence and motivation she needed to commit to living a healthier lifestyle.

Sharla Williams
That same year, Sharla joined Weigh and Win, a free Colorado program that provides technology-based health coaching, progress tracking and cash rewards for weight improvement.

“Weigh and Win helped me achieve my health goals with meal and snack suggestions that were texted to me daily. I also love how the program tracks my progress with weigh-in photographs so I can see how I have changed over time.”

In 2014, Sharla signed up and ran a longer leg in the 2014 Corporate Cup Relay and still finished in less than one hour. In 2015, she ran the half-marathon, which she is running again this year.

“My ultimate goal is to run the full marathon at the 2017 Colfax Marathon for my 35th birthday.”

Sharla uses her love of running and new-found confidence to encourage others to get healthy.

“Running gave me a whole new type of confidence. Not to mention I have been able to motivate my friends and family to become more physically active as well.”

When Sharla first started running, she weighed 159 pounds and wore a size 12. A year later, she was thirty pounds lighter and down to a size 4.

Before (on right): May 2013 After (on left): August 2014
Before (on right): May 2013
After (on left): August 2014

“My advice for anyone who is starting their journey is that at the end of the day no one can push you or make you do it. You have to be willing to do it for yourself. Some days are going to be hard but you have to make the decision to keep pushing through.”