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Using Activity Trackers For Motivation & Accountabilty

Fitbit, Jawbone Up, Garmin, Pivitol Living, Striiv, the list goes on and on for the different types of activity trackers available on the market today. All of these devices are different and highlight their own features, but what really are the benefits of using them? Can they really improve our health and get us moving more?

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More Than Just Step Tracking

Activity trackers can help you monitor your sleep, heart rate and physical activity. Some even can track food. The simpler versions will just track your steps while others will silently buzz on your wrist to wake you up or nudge you to move if you have been sitting too long. To get the most out of them, try wearing them to bed every night to see how much sleep you are actually getting. Most of the time, these trackers can help you to see the areas in your life where you can improve some habits to become healthier.

Social Accountability

Fitness trackers also bring groups of friends, coworkers and even family members together on the journey to be more active. Becoming friends with people through the tracker apps allows you to hold each other accountable toward achieving your daily goals. For instance, you can encourage each other to go on walks or if you see someone hasn’t walked much, you can motivate them to move more with you and keep the accountability up. Social acquaintances are some of the best motivators toward achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Friendly Competition

Need a little extra motivation to be more active? Make it a challenge! Utilize the Challenge-A-Friend feature on Weigh and Win to challenge your friends and family to get more active. You can challenge your co-workers to see who can get the most steps in one month or challenge a family member for the most weekly steps. The Challenge-A-Friend feature lets you create the challenge, set the rules and invite the competition. Do you own a Fitbit? Sync your Fitbit with Weigh and Win to create your own custom steps challenge.


Sync your Fitbit with Weigh and Win!

Did you know you can sync your Fitbit Activity Tracker with your Weigh and Win dashboard? You can track your health progress, weight loss and physical activity in one simple spot!

Here’s how you can sync your Fitbit with Weigh and Win:


Learn more about Fitbit on their website. Want more information on Weigh and Win? Head over to our website!