Sync your Fitbit with Weigh and Win!

Did you know you can sync your Fitbit Activity Tracker with your Weigh and Win dashboard? You can track your health progress, weight loss and physical activity in one simple spot!

Here’s how you can sync your Fitbit with Weigh and Win:


Learn more about Fitbit on their website. Want more information on Weigh and Win? Head over to our website!

5 thoughts on “Sync your Fitbit with Weigh and Win!”

    1. Hi Cathy – Right now we only have the ability to sync with Fitbit. We will definitely take note that you have a Jawbone and hopefully we will soon be able to sync with all fitness trackers. Thanks for checking in!

  1. My husband’s fitbit is not recognized at all. I registered before him and when he tries to register his fitbit my stats show up. Please help

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