Ring in the New You!

FINAL Main VisualRing in the New Year with a healthy beginning! There is no time like New Year’s resolution time to make your goals a reality. Follow our tips to help you stay on track and make 2015 YOUR year!

Five Steps for (Actually) Keeping Your Weight-Loss Resolution! Sign up for Weigh and Win to receive more helpful healthy tips. It’s free!

1. Tell Your Friends and Family About Your Goals: It’s much easier to stick to your goals when others are holding you accountable. Share your objectives with loved ones to keep yourself motivated.

2. Make it a Team Effort: Studies show that groups of 2 or more often produce stronger weight-loss results. Put together a small, or large, team to help keep you motivated. Sign up for the Weigh and Win Team Challenge (Feb.1-April 30) for extra motivation, tips and teamwork!

3. Write Everything Down: Write down your goals, food intake and fitness plan. Track progress with quarterly weigh-ins at your local Weigh and Win kiosk.

4. Plan Ahead: Plan your meals for the day to stay on track. Office goodies can be enticing, but if you have a snack or meal on hand, it will be easier to keep your goals in mind.

5. Reward Your Progress: Reward yourself for progress! Maybe it is a healthy food option or a small treat, a trip to your favorite store for a pair of ‘skinny’ jeans, or an outdoor activity. Stay away from high calorie rewards. We don’t want to be counter-productive!

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