Lose MORE Weight with the Team Challenge

Did you know that participants who join the team challenge lose on average 11% more weight. Team captains lose 19% more weight! The team challenge is a great way to get competitive and get results.

Weight Loss Stats
Lose MORE weight with team challenge


The next Weigh and Win team challenge is currently running. Join the ‘Winter Weigh-Off’ and see the results!

Winter Weigh-Off Team Challenge
Join the Team Challenge!

2 thoughts on “Lose MORE Weight with the Team Challenge”

  1. I am really struggling. I had emergency surgery on Christmas day and it sat me back. I want to join a team but it looks like none are open.

    1. Hi Lillian,
      To find open teams to join, log in to your Weigh and Win account and click on the ‘Team Challenge’ icon. Then select ‘Join’ a team. It will then populate a list of all the teams. The teams with the word ‘Open’ next to their name are seeking more teammates. If you have any more questions, please call us at 303.694.8007 or email us at personal.trainer@weighandwin.com.

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