How to Win in March

Congratulations to the February HEALTHpoints winners of $100 Patagonia Gift Cards.

  • Imani – Aurora
  • Bodessa – Denver
  • Sharon – Lafayette

Want to win in March? Earn 300 or more HEALTHpoints and you will automatically be entered into the prize drawing for 1 of 4 $75 Walmart Gift Cards. Good luck!


4 thoughts on “How to Win in March”

  1. Going on a low carb, no sugar diet always works because it drastically reduces the anount of insulin produced (insulin is the hormone that tells your body to store fat). Low carb no sugar diets revert the body back to fat burning mode which grants rapid results. Trick is staying on the diet. It is hard to do when out with friends.

    1. I believe that you are accurate. Low carbohydrate had helped immensely. And, not only do I drop weight when I eliminate sugar but I stop craving it.

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