Healthy Summer Goals


Summer is a great time to commit to healthy behaviors. The weather is nice and fresh fruit and vegetables are in-season. Let’s all commit to being the healthiest versions of ourselves this summer. A great way to get and stay healthy is to set goals. Together, let’s set four healthy summer goals.

Four Healthy Summer Goals to Set:

  1. Get Outside & Move More 

    Soak up every minute of the nice weather by getting outside and moving more. Fit in outdoor workouts like riding bike, jogging or swimming laps in the neighborhood outdoor pool. Also, try adding more activity into your daily routine: go for a walk at lunch, park farther away in the parking lot or mow your lawn.

  2. Set a Personal Goal Outside Your Comfort Zone 

    The key to lifelong fitness is to continue to push yourself and try new things. Set a goal outside your comfort zone: join a running group, hike a 14er, bike commute, try a new exercise class like kickboxing or yoga, train for a 5k or half-marathon, complete the Manitou Incline, try five new Colorado hikes, go for a walk after dinner every day– the options are endless! Just pick a goal and push yourself to achieve it.

  3. Green Grilling 

    Summer and grilling go hand-in-hand. Think outside the box this year and add more vegetables to your summer cook-outs. Ditch unhealthy potato salads and chips and try grilled vegetable kabobs, grilled portabella mushrooms, grilled zucchini spears and more!

  4. Make Time for Relaxation 

    Chronic stress can cause a multitude of health issues like overeating, headaches, digestive problems, increased heart risk and more. Don’t let work and busy summer schedules stress you out. Commit to taking time to relax this summer. Run around outside with the kids, read a book in the shade of a tree, or dine al fresco with friends.

Have your own healthy summer goal in mind? Stay tuned! We will be offering a Healthy Summer Goals Photo Contest on Facebook starting June 9, 2014.

Written by: Jillian Tongate, Marketing Manager

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