Healthy Holidays Tip 6: Drinking Responsibly

With all the parties and commitments, it can be difficult not to over-imbibe or over-caffeinate. People often underestimate the effects that too much alcohol, caffeine and sugary drinks can have on your mind and body. Too much caffeine can make you jittery, irritable, and restless and can cause an upset stomach. Excess drinking promotes a wide variety of health risks like liver problems, hypertension and complications from diabetes.  Moreover, beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, can add empty, unnecessary calories to your day.

Need an energy boost? Here are three non-caffeinated ways you can boost your energy without brewing another cup of coffee.


  1. Pop a piece of mint gum. Chewing increases your heart rate and blood  flow to the brain. Mint also stimulates the trigeminal nerve, which in turn  stimulates the brain, making you more alert and energetic. 
  2. Play your favorite energizing song. Not only will it give you energy, studies  have found it can also increase productivity and focus.
  3. Go for a quick walk or take the stairs to get your blood flowing.

Check out your Healthy Holiday Calendar for more tips on healthy hydration and treating yourself to beverages in moderation.

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