Eating Healthy and Staying Social

Birthday parties, tailgating, dinners with friends, holidays, work parties, weddings… All of these fun events have two things in common… people and food. Most social gatherings revolve around food and often the food choices offered are not the healthiest. So, how do you attend social events while sticking to your healthy lifestyle?


1 | Eat before you go

Plan to have a full, nutritious meal prior to attending a social gathering. Since your tummy is already satisfied, you will find that you won’t be as tempted to overindulge in unhealthy treats.

2 | Bring your own healthy dish

For any pot luck type event, bring a healthy dish to contribute so you know you will have at least one healthy option to choose from.

3 | Finger foods don’t = small portions

When nibbling on the small appetizers at  parties you might think you are watching your portions but even just a couple pieces of a “bite size” appetizer can add up to a full portion so stick to just one or tow of each snack.

4 | Keep it balanced

Remember to fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables and start by eating the healthier options first.

5 | Drink lots of water

Water should be available at all social gatherings. Have a full glass of water before you even dish up. Sometimes your body can mistake thirst for hunger. After drinking a full glass of water you are often less likely to over-serve yourself.

6 | Keep healthy, portable foods on hand

Keep healthy, on-the-go foods like nuts and protein bars in your car or purse so you can snack on these before going to a social gathering where you know there may be tempting foods.

7 | Check out the menu in advance

When you are going out to eat, make sure to check out the online menu in advance so you can pick out a healthy option. When you arrive at the restaurant try not to open up the menu so you are not tempted to change your mind.

8 | Drink in moderation

Along with food, social situations also commonly revolve around alcohol. Try to drink in moderation by limiting yourself to one to two alcoholic drinks an evening.

9| Hidden alcoholic calories

When alcohol is available, be aware of the calories in the drinks you’re choosing. Beverages mixed with creamy and sugary mixers can have upwards of 400+ calories. For example, eggnog can run you 300-400 calories a glass.

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