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Congratulations Team Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Weigh and Win Team Challenge. We had close to 100 teams participating across the state. The Team Challenge helps fuel healthy change through competition and social accountability.

Weight Improvement Team Challenge Winners

  1. Weight and Sea, 7.53% avg. weight improvement
  2. Funkadelics, 6.55% avg. weight improvement
  3. LET’S DO THIS!, 5.07% avg. weight improvement

HEALTHpoints Team Challenge Winners

  1. Pleasantly plump, 8,610 avg. Team HEALTHpoints
  2. SafeWeigh, 8,519.2 avg. Team HEALTHpoints
  3. We’re Steppin’ Up, 8,357.75 avg. Team HEALTHpoints

The winning teams received prizes ranging from blenders to headphones, gift cards and more!

Next Team Challenge

Missed out on this challenge? The next team challenge starts February 1, 2020. Stay tuned for more information!

Sync Your Apple Watch

You can now sync your Apple Watch via the Apple Health app with your Weigh and Win account to track your activity!

Want to sync an Apple Watch? First, make sure that no other devices are currently synced with your account:
  1. Login to your Weigh and Win account on a computer
  2. Select ‘Settings’ from the top toolbar
  3. Select ‘Activity Trackers’
  4. Click ‘Manage Trackers’
  5. If any trackers are currently connected, select the ‘Disconnect’ option.

How to Sync Your Apple Watch:

  1.  Install the incentaHEALTH app from the App Store
  2. Login to your Weigh and Win account through the app
  3. From the side menu, select ‘Apple Watch’ under ‘Coaching Tools’
  4. Click ‘Link my Apple Watch’
  5. Scroll down to the ‘Allow Smart Scale to READ Data’ Section.
  6. You must allow read access to at least ‘Steps’
  7. Click Allow. Pull down to refresh!


Weigh and Win Honored with the City of Denver’s ‘Innovation’ Award


On April 7, 2016, Mayor Michael B. Hancock joined more than 100 city officials, finalists and community partners to announce the winners of the second annual Denver Healthy Communities Awards. Weigh and Win was awarded the “Public and Environmental Health Innovation Award” by Denver’s Department of Environmental Health at the 2016 Healthy Communities Awards.

photos by Evan Semón                                         Weigh and Win team with Denver Mayor, Michael B. Hancock

Denver Healthy Communities Innovation Award: Designed to recognize individuals and organizations that employ innovative strategies, processes, or technologies to improve public health and/or the environment in Denver.

Launched by Denver Environmental Health in 2015, the Healthy Communities Awards are intended to recognize individuals, as well as public, private, and community organizations working to promote public health and environmental sustainability.

photos by Evan Semón

Additional Links:

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*Photo credit: Evan Semón

Meet Your Health Coach: Rachel

Did you know you have unlimited access to a health coach by phone or email? Each health coach has a wide variety of experience in health and wellness. Weigh and Win has three health coaches available to you Monday-Friday from 8 am – 5 pm at or at 303-694-8007.

We’d like you to meet Health Coach – Rachel!



Years with Weigh and Win:

Years as a Fitness Trainer/Health Coach:

I graduated from the University of Iowa as a Division 1 gymnast with a Bachelors Degree in Health & Sports Studies, emphasizing in Health Promotion.  GO HAWKS!!

ACE Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist

Camping, hiking, running, yoga, cooking, listening to music, Frisbee, arts and crafts, fitness/boot camp classes

 The Best Advice I Have to Offer:
There is no excuse that is too large to overcome. Whether you’re young or old, have bad knees or too little time, a healthier lifestyle can always be achieved. Some people would consider these things as setbacks but there are always ways of achieving your goals. Even the smallest amount of progress is still progress. My best advice is to keep striving for change and always keep trying to be a better you. Setting little goals along the way will help you to stay focused and motivated on always becoming healthier. Don’t do it for the physical changes, but to become healthier, live longer and not only limit your health conditions, but lower your risk for preventable diseases.

Why A Team Effort Will Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others succeed.” –Napoleon Hill


If you are looking for extra motivation to stay active and healthy this year, then I encourage you to unite with others throughout Colorado in the Weigh and Win ‘Spring Into Action’ Team Challenge! Joining a team has been shown to boost success, maximize individual strengths, minimize barriers and boost enjoyment. That’s right; weight improvement isn’t only an enjoyable experience but it can be a lasting lifestyle change for the future!

Teamwork has been calculated as ‘one plus one equals three.’  It is true that many can find success in improving their health on their own; however, with the additional support of a team some are able to accomplish even more than they could by themselves. This concept of synergy or collaboration is how teams achieve success. Think about it, even Payton Manning can’t win championships all on his own!

Results show that a typical, successful Weigh and Win participant loses an average of 17.7 pounds over a one year period. A successful member in the Team Challenge loses an average of 20.3 pounds and a team captain loses 22.3 pounds. By teaming up with others in the Weigh and Win program, you can work with like-minded participants towards a common goal of weight improvement and better health.

Individual weaknesses can be minimized through the efforts of a team. The motivation to stick to healthy lifestyle changes, such as eating better quality foods and getting more sleep, can be troublesome for those beginning. The good news is, overtime small changes become habit and finding motivation once you have habits in place is usually less of an issue.  Until then, having the support of friends and family members is vital to reach success. In the Team Challenge, you have email access to communicate with other team members that might be able to offer you support and guidance in the areas you are seeking help. Of course you always have access to your Weigh and Win Health Coaches via email and phone, but you might find that talking to a teammate that is in the same position as you can be truly empowering.

The fun factor of friendly competition against other teams throughout Colorado is also shown to keep participants engaged for success. Studies show that joining a team can reduce the stress that we tend to put on ourselves in individual circumstances. Also many of us are competitive by nature so we enjoy a little competition with others. At your worksite, see if you can create multiple teams for friendly competition at work!

Make your weight improvement journey a successful and enjoyable experience by participating in the Weigh and Win ‘Spring Into Action’ Team Challenge! To join or create a team, login to your Weigh and Win account and click on the ‘Challenge’ tab in the top blue tool bar then select ‘Team Challenge’ from the drop down list. If you are in need of motivation for long-term results this year, you are only a few clicks away! Gather your teams and join the Challenge here: Ready… Set… GO!

Weigh and Win “Spring into Action” Team Challenge February 1 – April 30, 2015

Spring into ActionMEDIA CONTACT: Kaytee Long | Health Promotion Manager|        O: 303-694-8012 |


Weigh and Win “Spring into Action” Team Challenge

February 1 – April 30, 2015

DENVER, Jan. XX, 2015 – On Feb. 1, 2015, Coloradans will “Spring into Action” with the semiannual Weigh and Win Team Challenge. Teams comprised of four to eight people will compete across the state in two categories: average percentage of weight lost and HEALTHpoints accrued (earned for program participation).

All team members must weigh-in at least twice between Feb. 1 and April 30. The 2014 ‘Winter Weigh-Off’ Team Challenge consisted of 121 teams.

Prizes will be awarded to the top three teams in both categories, as will a $1,000 charitable donation to each winning team. Past recipients include American Cancer Society, Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Food Bank of the Rockies and Habitat for Humanity.

“I’m a single mom, I don’t have the money to donate myself,” said Weigh and Win 2014 ‘Winter Weigh-off’ Challenge winner Desiree Amaro. “Being able to make that big of a donation was sincerely rewarding.”

The average weight improvement for a successful Weigh and Win participant after one year in the program is 17.7 pounds or an 8 percent weight loss. For those who simply participate in the Team Challenge, the average weight lost is 16 percent more than a general Weigh and Win participant, while a Team Challenge captain loses an average of 26 percent more weight.

Normal incentives for weight loss apply.

“The Team Challenge is a great way to engage in the program while motivating your friends and family to join you,” said Lia Schoepke, Weigh and Win Program Manager. “The team-based structure provides extra motivation and the charitable donation adds an additional incentive.”

Participants must sign up for a free Weigh and Win account prior to joining the challenge. Create or join a team beginning Feb. 1, or any time after by visiting

For questions, contact Weigh and Win at or 303-694-8007.


$25,000 in Amazon Gift Cards Given Away in Healthy Holiday Challenge

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the first Weigh and Win Healthy Holiday Challenge.

On average, a person will gain 1-2 pounds every holiday season that they never lose. Over time, those pounds add up! The Healthy Holiday Challenge encouraged Coloradans to stay healthy over the holiday season.

We had over 3,326 people sign-up for the challenge and awarded more than $25,000 in Amazon gift cards. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2015!



Sync your Fitbit with Weigh and Win!

Did you know you can sync your Fitbit Activity Tracker with your Weigh and Win dashboard? You can track your health progress, weight loss and physical activity in one simple spot!

Here’s how you can sync your Fitbit with Weigh and Win:


Learn more about Fitbit on their website. Want more information on Weigh and Win? Head over to our website!

Non-Profits Receive Grant to Promote Health and Wellness in Colorado Communities


Eight Community Partners Awarded with Funding to Host Weigh and Win Kiosks

DENVER, Jan. 6, 2015 ­­– Free community health and wellness program, Weigh and Win, has awarded grants to eight Colorado non-profits to host weigh-in kiosks and promote healthy living throughout their communities. Grants were awarded to potential partners who had the desire to implement Weigh and Win.

Once installed, the program is offered for free to residents 18 and older and provides fitness plans, a weekly grocery list, access to health coaches, meal plans, cash incentives for those with a BMI of 25 or greater and other prizes for participation. Progress is tracked with quarterly weigh-ins at community kiosks. The kiosk measures weight, BMI and takes a full-length photograph providing a visual progress report of participant weight improvement.

“Weigh and Win has been striving to become a fully integrated community resource since our launch in 2011,” said Lia Schoepke, Weigh and Win Program Manager. “The grant funding has allowed us to partner with communities and their existing initiatives to create a successful and sustainable program.”

Primarily funded by Kaiser Permanente, grants will be awarded to Boulder Valley School District, City of Arvada, Clinica Family Health Services, Elizabeth School District, Lake County Public Health Agency, North Colorado Health Alliance/Sunrise Community Health, Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association: Craig and Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association: Steamboat Springs.

Applications were submitted through the designated Weigh and Win website by Friday, Nov. 7, 2014. Qualifying entities included municipalities, recreation centers, libraries, hospitals, medical offices, retailers and schools (districts, colleges & universities). Applicants were required to be non-profit organizations or government agencies.  All recipients support Weigh and Win’s Mission: to reward 100 million people for H.E.A.L. (Healthy Eating and Active Living), and Vision: to address the obesity epidemic by creating a scalable, engaging weight management program.

“According to County health ratings, 70.6 percent of adults in Lake County are overweight or obese,” said Colleen Nielsen, Director of Lake County Public Health Agency and recipient of the 2014 grant. “Weigh and Win has ensured the sustainability of a wellness program for our community and it will enable us to continue effectively addressing Healthy Eating and Active Living issues.”

Weigh and Win is built on a foundation of behavior change science and research on both extrinsic and intrinsic incentives, with the intention to expand nationwide.

The eight kiosks will be installed throughout January and the beginning of February 2015. Click here for a map of all kiosk locations.

Additional grant opportunity will be available end of year 2015.

Grant Kiosk Locations

Boulder Valley School District:

YMCA of Boulder Valley – 2800 Dagny Way, Lafayette, CO 80026

City of Arvada:


Clinica Family Health Services:

Thornton Clinic – 8990 N Washington St., Thornton, CO 80229

Elizabeth School District:

Pines & Plains Libraries, Elizabeth Branch – 651 W. Beverly St., Elizabeth, CO 80107

Lake County Public Health Agency:

Lake County Public Library – 1115 Harrison Ave., Leadville, CO 80461

North Colorado Health Alliance:

Sunrise Community Health’s Monfort Family Clinic – 2930 11th Ave., Evans, CO 80620

Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association: Steamboat Springs:

VNA – 940 Central Park Dr., Suite 101, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association: Craig

VNA – 745 Russell St., Craig, CO 81625


About Weigh and Win: As a free, first-of-its-kind community program, Weigh and Win utilizes verified weight loss data through patented photographed weigh-ins and provides Colorado adults with access to an effective weight management platform. The program engages participants with rewards tied to measured results and is aimed at decreasing obesity rates. Weigh and Win is primarily funded by Kaiser Permanente to complementthe organization’s other efforts to increase healthy eating and physical activity throughout the state.  Colorado residents 18 and over can sign up for free and will receive daily coaching on healthy eating and active living by email or text message. The coaching includes tips for weight loss, daily exercise and meal plans, weekly grocery shopping lists and more. Progress is tracked through quarterly weigh-ins at one of 56 community kiosk locations throughout the state. Success is rewarded with quarterly cash rewards for weight loss and maintenance, as well as monthly prize drawings for participating. Those who begin the program at an unhealthy weight (BMI ≥ 25) qualify for cash rewards.  Sign up for free at Follow Weigh and Win on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.


Ring in the New You!

FINAL Main VisualRing in the New Year with a healthy beginning! There is no time like New Year’s resolution time to make your goals a reality. Follow our tips to help you stay on track and make 2015 YOUR year!

Five Steps for (Actually) Keeping Your Weight-Loss Resolution! Sign up for Weigh and Win to receive more helpful healthy tips. It’s free!

1. Tell Your Friends and Family About Your Goals: It’s much easier to stick to your goals when others are holding you accountable. Share your objectives with loved ones to keep yourself motivated.

2. Make it a Team Effort: Studies show that groups of 2 or more often produce stronger weight-loss results. Put together a small, or large, team to help keep you motivated. Sign up for the Weigh and Win Team Challenge (Feb.1-April 30) for extra motivation, tips and teamwork!

3. Write Everything Down: Write down your goals, food intake and fitness plan. Track progress with quarterly weigh-ins at your local Weigh and Win kiosk.

4. Plan Ahead: Plan your meals for the day to stay on track. Office goodies can be enticing, but if you have a snack or meal on hand, it will be easier to keep your goals in mind.

5. Reward Your Progress: Reward yourself for progress! Maybe it is a healthy food option or a small treat, a trip to your favorite store for a pair of ‘skinny’ jeans, or an outdoor activity. Stay away from high calorie rewards. We don’t want to be counter-productive!