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100K Celebration Contest Winners!

In the last 7 years, almost 100,000 Coloradans have enrolled in the Kaiser Permanente Weigh and Win program. To show appreciate we wanted to recognize our participants and their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

We had more than 100 people share their story. Here are the winners!


“The weekly weigh-ins and the daily inspirational quotes fueled my fire and energy to lose the weight. I was seeing the progress right in front of me. Since losing weight, I have more energy, don’t get sick as often, and I can play with my daughter. My blood pressure and cholesterol are both low again.”



“Before Weigh and Win, I was up to 512 pounds. The program motivates me to exercise and eat right and the monthly weigh-ins keep me on track. I currently weigh 320 pounds. I love how you can win prizes and earn money. Weigh and Win helped save my life.”



“I was 45 pounds overweight, prediabetic, and hypertensive.
I needed to change. The daily emails provided me accountability and encouragement. I loved seeing the photos and how my body, posture, and demeanor changed! I have so much energy now. I ran my first Colfax Marathon this year. My last screening for diabetes is now normal, AND my blood pressure medication was cut in half.”



“Throughout my life I’ve had issues with my weight. A friend suggested Weigh and Win. I’m glad I have that picture of how I looked when I started. It serves as a good motivator and a reminder to myself why I’m doing this. I’ve lost nearly 60 pounds. I feel more energized and upbeat. I hope to continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle and to serve as a motivator for my friends.”



“I have 3 sisters who are diabetic. I decided to take preventive measures. I started at 215 pounds and now weigh 195 pounds. It may not seem like a significant weight loss, but I gathered a wealth of information. I’ve had job changes, shift changes, and the loss of my mother. My weight fluctuated each time, but I got back on track. When I review my pictures, I can see drastic changes in the shape of my body. Five years later and I’m still maintaining my weight.”

May HEALTHpoints Drawing

Earn 300 or more HEALTHpoints in May and you will be entered into a drawing to win one of three $100 Amazon Gift Cards! To check-out how many HEALTHpoints you have earned and what activities earn you points, log into your Weigh and Win account. Then click on ‘HEALTHpoints & Prizes’ from the top menu.

HP May-01

Congratulations to the April HEALTHpoint winners. They’re enjoying some tunes on their new iPod Nanos.

  • Wendy – Castle Rock
  • Janelle – Commerce City

Reason To Run Contest Winner


Weigh and Win asked for participants to share their reason to run for a chance to win a $75 gift card.  Thank you to everyone who entered – the entries were inspiring!

Congratulations to the Contest Winner:

AJ Benefield

“I started running to get in shape. In the running community I found friends that have turned to family. I believe that the health that I gained through running helped me to overcome a Breast Cancer diagnosis at 33 years old. I now still run to try and keep the cancer away.”


Want to be inspired to move more?
See why these Weigh and Win participants run:

Want to win an iPod Nano?

Congratulations to the March HEALTHpoints winners. They’re busy slicing and dicing with their new Wusthof Cook’s Knives.

  • Flora – Northglenn
  • Stephanie – Commerce City
  • Christine – Akron
  • Debi – Lakewood

HEALTHpoints image for blog apr16-01

Dance your way through your next workout with a new iPod Nano! Just earn 300 HEALTHpoints in April and you will be entered into a drawing to win one of two we are giving away!

March Prize Drawing (and last month’s winners)

Congratulations to the February HEALTHpoints winners of a $75 King Soopers Gift Cards.

  • Miguel – Leadville
  • Vicki – Pueblo
  • Tom – Eads
  • Araceli – Greeley


The key to healthy eating, is making nutritious homemade food. Every great chef, needs a great knife! If you earn 300 or more HEALTHpoints in March you could win one of four Wusthof Cook’s Knives!


Not JUST Another Tool to Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution


MEDIA CONTACT: Kaytee Long | Health Promotion Manager| O: 303-694-8012 |C: 303-619-8571 |


Free Resources Help Coloradans Stick to (and Achieve) a New Year’s Resolution

DENVER, Dec. 28, 2015 – Every holiday season, millions of Americans ring in the New Year with a common goal: weight loss. Whether motivation stems from wanting to fit into last year’s jeans or simply wishing to be healthier, data shows “staying fit and healthy” as the top New Year’s resolution of 2015 for Americans, followed closely by “lose weight.” According to a study done at the University of Scranton, of the 45 percent of Americans who usually make New Year’s resolutions, 64 percent maintain them past one month and 46 percent past six months. Only 8 percent of people are actually successful in achieving New Year’s resolution goals.

Living a healthy lifestyle is attainable if a person has access to the correct educational tools and support. In the United States, $40 billion is unnecessarily spent on weight loss every year, a number that could decrease exponentially by utilizing free community resources such as the Weigh and Win program (primarily funded by Kaiser Permanente). Not only would obesity rates decrease, but the amount spent on medications for obesity related ailments such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and heart related issues, would follow suit.

“To compliment my healthy living New Year’s resolution, I joined Weigh and Win in January of 2014. My father passed away at 73 and my mother at 78; I had just turned 70,” said Weigh and Win success story Suzanna Spears.  “Weigh and Win was not only a free resource but a daily reminder of the commitment I had made to myself. I have lost weight and built muscle and stamina. People even comment on how I look better.”

Spears has since competed as a walker in 10 5k’s, 9 of which she has taken first place.

“The greatest benefit is knowing that, as I approach my 72nd birthday next month, I am a different person and have improved my quality of life. I still check-in with Weigh and Win daily,” said Spears.

Weigh and Win has helped thousands of Coloradans reach their goals. To date, the program is made up of 70,000 participants. The average weight loss for a successful participant after one year in the program is 17.7 pounds.

“My husband Ron and I were looking at our weight as a barrier for us enjoying life including traveling, going anywhere seats may be too small or where we may have to walk too far,” said Weigh and Win participant Julie Brown. “Since our successes with Weigh and Win, Ron has been taken off full-time oxygen and diabetes medication and is working full-time for the first time in a decade. Weigh and Win made us accountable to our goals while receiving daily, positive reminders, tips and money to boot!”

Weigh and Win is available for free to all Coloradans 18 and over. Sign up for an account today at


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Healthy Holidays Tip 6: Drinking Responsibly

With all the parties and commitments, it can be difficult not to over-imbibe or over-caffeinate. People often underestimate the effects that too much alcohol, caffeine and sugary drinks can have on your mind and body. Too much caffeine can make you jittery, irritable, and restless and can cause an upset stomach. Excess drinking promotes a wide variety of health risks like liver problems, hypertension and complications from diabetes.  Moreover, beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, can add empty, unnecessary calories to your day.

Need an energy boost? Here are three non-caffeinated ways you can boost your energy without brewing another cup of coffee.


  1. Pop a piece of mint gum. Chewing increases your heart rate and blood flow to the brain. Mint also stimulates the trigeminal nerve, which in turn stimulates the brain, making you more alert and energetic.
  2. Play your favorite energizing song. Not only will it give you energy, studies have found it can also increase productivity and focus.
  3. Go for a quick walk or take the stairs to get your blood flowing.

Check out your Healthy Holiday Calendar for more tips on healthy hydration and treating yourself to beverages in moderation.

Cheers to a Healthier You! Video Contest


Share. Record. Win! Record a quick video answering the two questions below about why you decided to make healthy changes to your lifestyle. The most inspiring answer will win a $100 gift card to a healthy brand of your choice!

Cheers to a Healthier You Contest Questions:
  1. Who or what is your ‘why’ for improving your health?
  2. How do you feel now that you’re living a healthier lifestyle?
    (One or two motivating words!)

1. Record yourself using your smartphone or computer answering the above questions. Keep your video clip under 20 seconds.

2. Visit (also found under the Challenge Tab) and upload your video using the contest form online by Friday, December 18, 2015.

3. The most inspiring answer (as selected by your team at Weigh and Win) will win a $100 gift card to a healthy brand of your choice. The official rules can be found online.