Building a Healthier Burrito

healthier burrito-01

1 | Wrap it up

Choose a wheat tortilla over flour or skip the tortilla all together and have a burrito bowl!

2 | Pick your protein

Chicken or steak is usually your best bet! Many burrito joints now have vegetarian options like sofritas as well.

3 | Choose your carbohydrate

Opt for brown rice over white rice for more nutritional benefits.

4 | Beans, beans the wonderful… fruit?

Black beans tend to be slightly lower in sodium than pinto beans.

5 | Don’t forget the veggies!

Add some fajita veggies, lettuce and pico de gallo.

6 | Some fat can be healthy

Skip the sour cream, cheese and queso and opt for guacamole instead. By making this swap you will get less saturated fat and more of the good, unsaturated fat!

7| Top it off

Top the burrito with your favorite salsa for an extra dose of vegetables.

8 | Split it!

Although it might be hard, cut your burrito in half and split it with a friend or save the other half for your next meal. With such large portions, one burrito at the popular burrito joints can be well over 2,000 calories even when picking the healthy options so your body should be satisfied with just half.

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