Accepting the Team Challenge: How to be Successful

We all know how hard it is to lose weight, especially when you feel you’re doing it all on your own. That is why the Team Challenge is a great tool to use! Research has found that having more social contacts when trying to lose weight is connected with greater weight loss intentions and success.  Here are five simple ways to make the most of the Team Challenge and how to use it your advantage to be successful.

1. Be Supportive and Utilize the Support

Everyone can feed off each other’s motivation in a team setting. I know there are some days when I just don’t feel like going to the gym, but when my friends invite me I don’t want to let them down.  If you having a rough day, call on one of your teammates to help you out and re-energize you. Make sure to reciprocate if someone else may be struggling. Together you can get through life’s ups and downs and still be successful!

2. Have a Good Attitude 

Negative attitudes tend to be restrictive and make you feel like you’re trapped. Stay positive and your body will follow! The old saying of “I think I can” really can lead to reaching your goals. Remind yourself why you wanted to be healthier in the first place, whether it was for your health, for your family or just to look better in your old jeans. If you remember your goals and stay positive, you can achieve anything your mind wants to.

3. Keep Communicating

Try to touch base with your teammates at least once a week to stay on track with your group goals and expectations. By touching base with everyone weekly, it may remind someone that they really do have a great support system helping them out! If your teammates are close and looking for some fun team bonding, try getting together for a weekly workout or healthy lunch!

4. Be Accountable

Your teammates are all counting on you to help them out as much as you are depending on them! So make sure you’re checking in and motivating everyone as best you can so everyone is doing their part! Also, don’t forget to do your two required weigh-ins to be eligible for the team prizes!

5. Have Fun!

When you’re truly having fun, you sometimes forget how hard you are working. Send each other funny fitness or nutrition pictures, get together to play an active group game or order group t-shirts that you can show off at work or in the gym. Feed off of the excitement of the challenge and enjoy yourself!

The next team challenge starts August 1. For more information on how the team challenge works:


Written by: Rachel Corcoran, Weigh and Win Health Coach



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