6 Reasons You Should Bike Instead of Drive

The average American spends 600 hours a year in a car. That’s five years of the average lifespan or roughly 7% of our lives. If that isn’t reason enough to get out of your car and onto your bike, here are six more reasons.


  1. Add Physical Activity into Your Day

With busy schedules it can be difficult to fit in a workout. Adding activity into your day is a great way to ensure you’re getting enough physical activity each day and biking to work or the store is a great way to accomplish that.

  1. Avoid Traffic

Nobody enjoys sitting in traffic. Skip the stress of people cutting you off and traffic accident delays. In fact, biking may be quicker than driving when you take into account accidents and construction closures.

  1. Fight Pollution

Forty percent of all trips in the United States are to destinations within two miles of home! Plus, 60% of pollution created by cars happens in the first few minutes of operation. Biking can reduce your carbon footprint and improve the air quality in your community.

  1. Biking is Easy on Joints

Riding bike is a great exercise that is easy on the joints. For someone that may be overweight or just beginning a fitness program, exercises like running can be hard on the joints, making bike riding a great alternative.

  1. Bike for a Better Brain + Improved Mental Health

Biking regularly can help reduce the effects of depression and anxiety disorders. Biking can also help your mental focus. According to a study, people scored higher on memory and reasoning tests after 30 minutes of biking.

  1. Save Money (and Earn Some Too)

Riding your bike instead of driving for just one trip a week can save you money on gas over time. Plus, riding bike and additional physical activity is a great way to lose weight…. which you can earn cash for with the free Colorado Weigh and Win program.

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