6 Healthy Ways to Use Up Hard Boiled Eggs

Easter weekend has come and gone and now you have a fridge full of colorful eggs. Don’t let them sit there and spoil! There are plenty of healthy ways to add a little protein punch with a hard boiled egg.


1. Egg Salad Sandwich

The most obvious way is to make a big batch of egg salad for sandwich. Skip the mayo heavy version and mix it with greek yogurt or try a green avocado egg salad version.

2. Add Them to Your Salad

Hard boiled eggs are a great way to add a little texture and protein to a salad. Try this Egg, Spinach and Spelt Salad or a Summer Salad with Quick Pickled Vegetables.

3. Hard Boiled Breakfast

Eggs are a breakfast staple. Try a breakfast burrito with hard boiled eggs or a simple ham and egg sandwich for a healthy breakfast on the go.

4.  Toast it

Keep it simple with toast, eggs and dill or throw a little hummus on that bread for some extra protein.

5. Add Them to Stir Fry

Hard boiled eggs can be added to any healthy stir fry recipe, but this cabbage and egg stir fry looks delicious.

6. A Perfect Healthy Snack

Hard boiled eggs are a perfect healthy snack on their own. If you’re feeling fancy, you can make this English Muffin Egg Pizza or a Lazy Deviled Eggs.



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