Staying Healthy at Work Over the Holidays

We spend a large portion of our waking hours at work, so it’s important to engage in healthy behaviors when you’re in the office. It can be difficult when every time you walk into the break room there is a tray of cookies or donuts are being served at your morning meeting. Make it a point this year to be healthy at work and lead by example. If you’re being healthy, others may follow suit.

Avoid the Break Room

If the break room is where the treats are, avoid it! You will be less tempted by a treat you don’t see!

Stock up on Healthy Snacks

Keep healthy snacks like nuts, fruit, or yogurt around. If you’re full on healthy items, you won’t reach for that cookie as a hunger impulse. Don’t forget to drink lots of water, too. Oftentimes hunger is confused with thirst.

Counteract the Calories

It takes willpower to say no every time. if you want to enjoy that piece of cake – go for it! But add in a little extra activity to make up for those additional calories. Take the stairs, walk the long way to the restroom, or go for a quick walk.

Creating Healthier Holiday Traditions

Week 1: Healthier Holiday Traditions

Thanksgiving – a holiday that the term ‘food coma’ probably originated from – can make sticking to your health goals difficult. Rest assured – it is possible to enjoy Thanksgiving without stuffing yourself (leave that to the turkey). Let’s kick off the holiday season with a healthy start.

Manage Your Portions

With a little planning, you can enjoy your Thanksgiving favorites and avoid going to bed ten pounds heavier. Depending on what time of the day you sit down for your big meal, eat a healthy breakfast and avoid snacking throughout the day. At meal time, survey the options. Skip the items you don’t enjoy as much, while leaving room to indulge (moderately) in your favorites.

Cook Healthier Alternatives

If you’re hosting, try cooking healthier options of your less healthy family favorites. For example, try roasting vegetables in oil instead of baking them in butter or swap half the potatoes for cauliflower in your mashed potatoes – no one will notice the difference! Check out our Pinterest page for more healthy Thanksgiving meal ideas.

Create Active Holiday Traditions

Create a new Thanksgiving tradition of doing something active. Sign-up for a Turkey Trot with friends or family, try our Planksgiving workout, play a game of touch football before the big meal (work up an appetite) or go for a post-meal (pre-dessert) walk around your neighborhood.

Congratulations Fall Team Challenge Winners

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Fall 2018 Weigh & Win Team Challenge. We had 137 teams participate across Colorado.

Weight Improvement Team Challenge Winners

  • 1st Place – Big Losers, 11.56% avg. weight improvement
  • 2nd Place – New Dimensions, 9.26% avg. weight improvement
  • 3rd Place – Date Night Moms, 8.95% avg. weight improvement

HEALTHpoints Team Challenge Winners

  • 1st Place – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner,
    9,461.75 avg. Team HEALTHpoints
  • 2nd Place – Achilles Pikes Peak,
    8,412.25 avg. Team HEALTHpoints
  • 3rd Place – The Fit-astic Four,
    7,425.5 avg. Team HEALTHpoints

The winning teams earned great prizes like Visa Gift Cards, Smart Scales, Bluetooth Headphones, and more. Plus, the winning teams each selected a local Colorado charity to receive $1,000 donation.