Success Story: Melody W.

Learn how Weigh and Win helped Melody achieve a healthier weight and how you can too!

Melody W.

  • Lost 55 pounds
  • 19% weight improvement
  • Earned $75

What motivated you to join Weigh and Win?

My health was the biggest motivator. I am a diabetic and I was taking 50 units of insulin twice a day, along with 4 pills. I wanted to get healthy and be a good role model for my kids.

Why has Weigh and Win worked for you?

The daily emails encouraged me and helped me along the way. The rewards are my favorite part. It’s just a good incentive, to find out that someone is going to pay you and keep you accountable. I’m using my reward money to go to Elitch Gardens. I can’t wait to get on the rides and to FIT in the seats.

How has your life changed since your weight loss?

Personally, I feel better about myself. I enjoy clothing shopping now, running after my granddaughter, keeping up with my 8-year old, and riding a bike. I can walk up a flight of stairs and don’t feel like I need to call 911.

My blood sugars are controlled now through healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. I also no longer need to take insulin and am down to 1-2 pills a day for the diabetes. Additionally, I am off the high blood pressure medication.

Do you have any advice for new participants?

My advice comes from a wise friend. She told me the that all choices are hard. When it comes down to it, we have to choses the “hard” that we want to continue to have. For example, it’s hard to lose weight. It’s very hard! But it’s also HARD to live with the weight on my body. It’s hard to choose the salad when others are having the double bacon cheeseburgers, but it’s also hard to buy clothes when you’re overweight. Life is full of choices, HARD choices, and I must choose which HARD I am willing to take.

I want people who are starting to know that they CAN succeed. I want them to know that I do understand where they are. When I started I was in a size 22 to 24. In the fifth grade I was in a size 18W. I have literally struggled with weight my entire life. I am currently in a size 14 to 16. This feeling is better than any cheeseburger!