Weigh and Win Coaching Introduction

Part 1: Healthy Eating

We want to teach you to effectively fuel your body in a way that provides the nutrition necessary to keep you at optimal health and an ideal weight.

Eating Quality Calories

Food is medicine for your body, so please DO NOT starve yourself thinking it is in good health. The key to optimal nutrition is to build the perfect plate:

•½ non-starchy vegetables
• ¼ lean proteins
• ¼ quality carbohydrates and healthy fats

Try to limit your amount of starches and sweets, mostly found in processed foods, which provide an abundance of unnecessary calories and little nutrition.

Monitor Portion Sizes

Most people mindlessly eat larger portions when they are already full! Use your palm as a guide for a portion control.

• Fist = Quality Carbohydrate portion (apple or sweet potato)
• Palm = Lean Protein portion (chicken, fish)
• Thumb = Healthy Fats portion (nuts, avocados)
• Handful = Non-Starchy Vegetable portion (carrots, squash)

Eat 5-6 Small Meals a Day

Eating quality foods in smaller portions more frequently stabilizes your energy and hunger levels throughout the day. The result is that your energy will stabilize and you will be more in control of your eating habits!

Treat Yourself Occasionally

Try to follow the program six days a week or about 90% of the time. You don’t have to give up cravings forever! Treating yourself on occasion will make the program more sustainable.


Part 2: Get Active and Stay Active!

Learning how to eat to heal your body through nutrition is going to give you great results. To achieve even better results, you need to incorporate more and smarter activity in your daily routine.

Basic Daily Activity

Today many of sit in the car, sit at work, and then sit when we get home. It is important for your body to stay active during the day. Try incorporating more activity into your daily routine by simply going on a walk, taking the stairs, or playing with your kids.

Cardio Training

Cardio training is great for getting your heart rate up and burning calories! The possibilities are endless: walking, running, riding a bike, skiing, playing tennis, swimming. If you want to increase the intensity, first add resistance and then later speed as it is safer for your joints as a beginner.

Strength Training

Strength training will help you torch fat and replace it with lean muscle for a healthier and more toned body. Muscle tissue acts as a furnace and continuously burns calories even at rest!


Part 3: Set Yourself up for Success

As you prepare for this amazing journey, the Health Coaches would like to share some pointers to get you started!

  • Write Down Goals
    Write down why you decided to join the Weigh and Win program. Why do you want to be healthier? What are your health goals? Need help setting SMART goals? Check out our goal setting guide.
  • Build a Support System
    Build a support system and develop a sense of accountability within yourself. Discuss your new health lifestyle with your spouse, family, friends and co-workers so they can support you.
  • Be Patient
    Have patience the results will show. This lifestyle change is not a quick fix; it is a long term lifestyle change. Take it one step at a time and focus on the basics such as proper exercise form and adding more vegetables.
  • Prepare Properly to Stay on Track
    Set yourself up for success by doing simple things like packing your gym bag the night before and having meals prepared for the next day.
  • Listen to your Body
    Your body is an amazing machine that will guide you if you let it. Enjoy getting healthy and staying health!

The Weigh and Win Fitness Team

100K Celebration Contest Winners!

In the last 7 years, almost 100,000 Coloradans have enrolled in the Kaiser Permanente Weigh and Win program. To show appreciate we wanted to recognize our participants and their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

We had more than 100 people share their story. Here are the winners!


“The weekly weigh-ins and the daily inspirational quotes fueled my fire and energy to lose the weight. I was seeing the progress right in front of me. Since losing weight, I have more energy, don’t get sick as often, and I can play with my daughter. My blood pressure and cholesterol are both low again.”



“Before Weigh and Win, I was up to 512 pounds. The program motivates me to exercise and eat right and the monthly weigh-ins keep me on track. I currently weigh 320 pounds. I love how you can win prizes and earn money. Weigh and Win helped save my life.”



“I was 45 pounds overweight, prediabetic, and hypertensive.
I needed to change. The daily emails provided me accountability and encouragement. I loved seeing the photos and how my body, posture, and demeanor changed! I have so much energy now. I ran my first Colfax Marathon this year. My last screening for diabetes is now normal, AND my blood pressure medication was cut in half.”



“Throughout my life I’ve had issues with my weight. A friend suggested Weigh and Win. I’m glad I have that picture of how I looked when I started. It serves as a good motivator and a reminder to myself why I’m doing this. I’ve lost nearly 60 pounds. I feel more energized and upbeat. I hope to continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle and to serve as a motivator for my friends.”



“I have 3 sisters who are diabetic. I decided to take preventive measures. I started at 215 pounds and now weigh 195 pounds. It may not seem like a significant weight loss, but I gathered a wealth of information. I’ve had job changes, shift changes, and the loss of my mother. My weight fluctuated each time, but I got back on track. When I review my pictures, I can see drastic changes in the shape of my body. Five years later and I’m still maintaining my weight.”